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I help creative entrepreneurs develop and implement processes and systems that uplevel and sustain the long-term growth in business. Stop wearing 17 hats, working 16 hours & letting things slip through the cracks. 

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Recognize, analyze, define and design the information blueprint of your business with a strategic plan.

Optimize key processes and systems of your business so that you can maximize production a generate sustainable growth.

Automate and streamline systems and processes that your workflow on autopilot.

Delegate more efficiently to team members with streamlined project management.

Let Brittany & Co. take you on the ROAD to Scalability, Sustainability and Growth in your Business.

“Systems help us to move forward, to go as far as we possibly can. They enable us to work faster, smarter, and more strategically.” – John Maxwell

Why business systems are overlooked: Systems are NOT Sexy.

Unlike trendy marketing strategies, flashy sales techniques or other client-facing aspects of your business, systems are not directly seen as the profit-generating task and are often considered monotonous or boring.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are a creative entrepreneur who thrives on client work but consistently mishandles logistics.
  • You want to outsource parts of your business and hire team members without stress.
  • You have picked up momentum, but feel stretched in terms of organization and time.
  • You are making substantial profits, but want to generate consistent income.
  • You spend more time working IN your business than ON your business.
  • Your client onboarding processes are inconsistent.
  • You feel overwhelmed with your business back-end operations. 

Growth and development are exciting stages in the evolution of a small business and can take a forefront to the planning and infrastructure of your business. If you have been missing out on opportunities to increase profits and growth, effective systems are streamlined processes are the missing element of your business.


Let Brittany & Co. Consulting take over your backend systems and processes, so you can step back into your zone of genius.

Here’s What Our Clients are Saying…

“Working with Brittany was the best investment I have made in my service-based business as I try to up-level.”

“I knew I was missing something because every day I felt frazzled and unsure of what to do next. If I was wanting to bring on more clients and begin outsourcing more, I had to get organized and get systems in place. I was scattered between Asana, Dropbox, email, a paper planner and my Google calendar. Brittany patiently worked with me to learn my business and showed me how Trello could work FOR ME in the most efficient way. She knew how to tackle every red flag I raised. She is truly a systems expert!

I’m so excited to say that Trello is now my hub for everything and I absolutely love it. It keeps me on track day to day and even hour by hour. The funny thing is before working with Brittany, I really didn’t think Trello was for me! Brittany convinced me otherwise! And it’s not just Trello, she also helped me create my entire client onboarding process and automate it between three different systems! If you are feeling scattered in your life and business, book a call with Brittany to get started. You will be so glad you did!”

Tanya Bryant

“Working with Brittany has been hands down, one of the best investments in my business.”

“Systems have been on my to-do list for far too long but it always felt so intimidating that I would always end up putting it off. Brittany helped me set goals, kept me accountable and was always there to answer any questions that came up. Now she’s helped me get set up with Tave and I can eliminate multiple apps, saving me time and money. If you want to get your business systems set up so you can finally cut the overwhelm and start growing your business, you definitely need to hire Brittany!”


Patricia Talavera, Founder – Syt Biz

“Brittany is truly THE systems expert!

She takes everything that’s a mess in my head and puts it into an organized system that actually makes sense. She has neat ways of connecting and ‘systemizing’ everything so that my business can run smoothly. Before Brittany, my stuff was everywhere. It was cluttered in my head, my desktop, my inbox, and a million random folders. She’s walked me through each and every system and now I have something I can use every day to keep me organized, sane, and productive.”

Elizabeth Dall – Elizabeth Dall Coaching

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