Done-with-you consulting services to ensure high-level support to optimize your processes and systems.

Free Guide to Scalable Systems 

Are you running your business or is your business running you? Discover over 40 different systems that your business needs for growth &success. Pinpoint the systems and structures within your business that need improvement. Document your systems and processes for easy reference. Begin to implement a strategy to develop, build or refine your current systems and processes and find the bottlenecks in your business that are holding you back with this toolkit to scale your business.

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The Growing Business Owner who is still in hustle mode while scaling their business and wants the organization, freedom and flexibility back in their business. 

Project Management System Optimization

Declutter or establish your project management system and business hub with a simple, customizable and streamlined project management system. Integrate and automate your other systems and processes to create a seamless approach to back-end business management.

THIS IS PERFECT FOR:  The DIY business owner who is just starting and needs to organize their business projects, tasks and information more efficiently.

Systems Operations Audit

Are you working IN your business rather than ON it? Brittany & Co. Consulting will talk through your operations struggles and will create a custom step-by-step plan to implement for your business. With your choice of project management system, client onboarding systems, automation or other, we will dive into your processes and streamline your systems to create an efficient and productive workflow.

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The business owner who wants to start diving in to streamlining their operations but needs guidance from a operations expert to get started.  

Client Relationship Management System Optimization

Take advantage of a complete overhaul and streamlining of your client management system to simplify your lead generation and client onboarding process. Take your workflow management to the next level with simple and organized processes to create an effective and practical client experience from lead to client. 

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The business owner who is still using spreadsheets, notebooks and sticky notes to keep track of their leads. You’re in need of a streamlined lead/client management and follow up software but need support from the systems expert to set it up and execute. 

Processes, Operations, Workflows & Automations 

Give your business backend a complete overhaul with our all-inclusive 3/6/9 or 12 month 1:1 systems consulting package. Together we will evaluate your current systems and processes before implementing a strategy that fits the specific needs of your business. Receive a hands-on actionable approach to refining the entire operation of your business. Stop letting things fall through the cracks!

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The business owner who is growing and scaling their business but whose systems and processes are not supporting the growth. You’re adding on team members, adding more clients, adding more services and things are FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS. You need more efficient processes, systems, and automation in place to save you time and allow you to stress less about the business.

Goal Setting & Time Management Optimization

Take advantage of this monthly membership package that establishes Brittany & Co. Consulting as your monthly accountability partner. Receive weekly 1:1 calls to set goals, implement productivity tips and get VIP access to BCO’s tech resources.

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The business owner who gets “shiny object syndrome” and feels like a hamster in a wheel that never gets anything done. You need someone to help you set goals, and check in with you to be sure that you are accomplishing them.

Don’t Take It From Me…

“Brittany is nothing short of amazing. I’ve heard other efficiency and productivity experts speak before and I know many of us aspire to automate our business, but Brittany is the real deal. I got more from our first meeting than I have from months of listening to podcasts or reading books on productivity. She shadowed our business development process and put together a new program for us. She put us on a new CRM, automated our contract and onboarding process and streamlined billing. She also eliminated time-consuming manual processes. In my first week working with her, I saved at least five hours. I now recommend her to our clients. She is amazing!”

Bill Balderaz – Principal, Futurety

“With our new system in place, we are able to track how our marketing efforts convert into sales and quantify how we spend our dollars.”

“Before working with Brittany, our Marketing department did not use a project management system. Brittany was able to dive into the operation of our department and execute a systems strategy with Trello that worked for our company!

Not only are we able to track our projects and complete tasks in a timely manner, but with our new system in place, we are able to track how our marketing efforts convert into sales and quantify how we spend our dollars. This has been well received by our management team and ownership group, and has truly made a huge difference in the daily operation of our company.”


Ross Judy – GreatLIFE KC, VP of Marketing

“Thanks to Brittany helping us setup Tave (Client Management System), I have found more time in my day to focus on other parts of my business. She helped us elevate our behind the scenes daily work and made us more efficient! Can’t thank her enough for the wealth of knowledge!”

Liz Seiley – Vue Columbus

“At Orange Tower Marketing, we strive to give ALL of our focus and energy to our clients! Thanks to Brittany & Co. Consulting, we are able to do that AND MORE!

Because of the systems that Brittany with Brittany & Co. has helped implement, we are able to give YOUR BUSINESS the attention and dedication it deserves.

If you feel like you are spending wasted hours on back-end nonsense, if you feel overwhelmed with your digital clutter, or if you feel like you are unable to uplevel your business because of your processes, Brittany & Co. Consulting services are for you!

Take your business to the next level with better systems”

Mallory Majcher – CEO, Orange Tower Marketing

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