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Brittany & Co. Consulting specializes in helping visionary entrepreneurs take back control of their time to focus on things that truly matter.

We have spent the last three years focusing on strategies that allow your business to run more efficiently. Our operations focused team at Brittany & Co. and Process for Profit wants to help you build a business you love, make the impact you want, reach your goals, grow your income and truly embrace your life and business!

We do this with these different methods:

Why Us?

 We make project management, organization and systems more fun and simple! Being a mom of twins and business owner, I know that Organization and systems are not a luxury but a necessity. We promise to implement strategies to make better use of your time and resources and create a support system so that you have the ability to step away from logistics and backend messes. We want you to step back into your zone of genius.

I am here to help you make an impact on the world, doing what you love while enjoying the freedom of owning your own business. I also love learning new things and being challenged. Have you built a successful business with messy systems (or lack there of)? It’s ok! I am here to help you scale by creating repeatable processes and systems!!

Don’t Take It From Us…

See what others are saying about Brittany & Co.

“Brittany is nothing short of amazing. I’ve heard other efficiency and productivity experts speak before and I know many of us aspire to automate our business, but Brittany is the real deal. I got more from our first meeting than I have from months of listening to podcasts or reading books on productivity. She shadowed our business development process and put together a new program for us. She put us on a new CRM, automated our contract and onboarding process and streamlined billing. She also eliminated time-consuming manual processes. In my first week working with her, I saved at least five hours. I now recommend her to our clients. She is amazing!”

Bill Balderaz – Principal, Futurety

“With our new system in place, we are able to track how our marketing efforts convert into sales and quantify how we spend our dollars.”

“Before working with Brittany, our Marketing department did not use a project management system. Brittany was able to dive into the operation of our department and execute a systems strategy with Trello that worked for our company!

Not only are we able to track our projects and complete tasks in a timely manner, but with our new system in place, we are able to track how our marketing efforts convert into sales and quantify how we spend our dollars. This has been well received by our management team and ownership group, and has truly made a huge difference in the daily operation of our company.”


Ross Judy – GreatLIFE KC, VP of Marketing

“At Orange Tower Marketing, we strive to give ALL of our focus and energy to our clients! Thanks to Brittany & Co. Consulting, we are able to do that AND MORE!

Because of the systems that Brittany with Brittany & Co. has helped implement, we are able to give YOUR BUSINESS the attention and dedication it deserves.

If you feel like you are spending wasted hours on back-end nonsense, if you feel overwhelmed with your digital clutter, or if you feel like you are unable to uplevel your business because of your processes, Brittany & Co. Consulting services are for you!

Take your business to the next level with better systems”

Mallory Majcher – CEO, Orange Tower Marketing

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